About Us

Remedy Financial Solutions is an advanced comprehensive bookkeeping and tax consulting service geared toward small to medium-sized business owners who want to spend less time concerned about the state of their books and tax liabilities and more time enjoying life.

We deliver financial peace of mind to our clients by partnering with them year-round to manage on-going tasks and implement proactive planning with the help of state-of-the-art technology.

Our team consists of over 25 years’ experience in technology, business process automation, and consulting services combined with more than 35 years in accounting, tax, and financial management within CPA firms. We are accomplished in many software/technology platforms, including Cloud/Virtual Servers, Salesforce.com, QuickBooks since its first release, etc.

We assist in ending unexpected tax penalties, confusion around where the books stand, and a host of other complex and confusing elements that all too often overwhelm the finances of business owners, especially when multiple ventures are involved.

We are more than a bookkeeping firm because of the experience we bring in many aspects of financial consulting, proactive management methodology, and our passion for helping others get their financial life in order. Sleep easier and enjoy life more by partnering with Remedy Financial Solutions to handle your finances.

Partners and Consultants

Remedy Financial Solutions offers a full range of bookkeeping, accounting, reporting, budgeting, payroll, and CFO-type services through a secure proprietary hosting platform aimed at providing our clients financial peace of mind.

We partner through one-on-one client meetings, teleconferencing, and remote content sharing on a monthly or quarterly basis. As a result, books are kept up to date, financial goals stay on track, and taxes are minimized.

We are continually watching tax law, financial technology, and ways to manage the combined business and personal finances of our clients better. For example, how does the new tax law impact your situation, how can you maximize entertainment expenses, etc.?

Our clients can sleep easier because we are proactively involved in helping manage their business finances.

Secure Technology
= Efficiency + Service

Through secure technology and our expertise in financial consulting, we have created a services company that fosters our work-life-balance philosophy. We have the tools to work with clients virtually or in-person. In most cases, we combine virtual, phone, and in-person sessions to ensure best results and cost efficiency.

Secure access is available through our proprietary platform. QuickBooks is one of the many tools we use. QuickBooks technology allows us to integrate our client’s finances through a secure portal to see what the client sees and for work to continue seamlessly. In addition, we can monitor personal finances where desired to align both. Many cumbersome tasks often spread across disparate systems are automated by Remedy Financial Solutions.

We ensure our clients are maximizing automation features and moving away from duplication and manual data entry. The result is a sound financial plan and implementation.